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Ventuso was founded by a group of highly motivated engineers/entrepreneurs that want to raise our voices in the world. As a leading Mobile App Development Company in Vietnam, we focus on Mobile Application Development, Technical Consulting as well as Supplying Team of Engineers onsite and offshore. We believe in building high quality software products and becoming a trusted technical partner who can continuously support your business with Software enhancement and Consulting after delivery.
Growing up together, your success is our success.

Ventuso is building a scalable pool of talented engineers with strong experience in software development outsourcing industry along with mobile application development of proven processes and standards, we also offer our customers extensive software development services. Our services range from full software development, mobile application development, software maintenance and feature enhancement, testing to support services, and more.

Our vision is to become best mobile app development company in Vietnam and South East Asia in the next 5 years.

Our mission is to help consulting businesses to build their own digital system such as software, mobile application system, website ... and help them to develop and deploy their own solutions. The products developed by Ventuso will be the game changers on their market.


Bao Nguyen

Co-Founder & Asia Director

A seasoned and creative leader with ability to manage the implementation of innovative business solutions. Highly motivated with a proven ability to lead and commercialize all aspects of a business. Experienced in converting every opportunity into success, profit and growth. Creative and experienced in implementing business process improvements, defining company direction, setting goals, adapting to changes and optimizing business procedures. Successful in business development and strategy.


Thanh Phan Quang

Co-Founder & Mobile Technical Leader

Serving as technical lead of Ventuso’s Mobile Team! Over 7 years of experience in mobile application development in Android, iOS and game development. Over 5 years of experience in technical lead role. A visionary and strong spirit to lead the mobile team in high-pressure projects.


"Let's relax!!!"

Kiet Vo Thanh

Co-Founder & R&D Leader

Kiet has much experience in technical research of new technologies, system development, system performance and optimization. Kiet leads Ventuso's R&D team and serves as a technical advisor and supports other teams’ projects in research of new technologies. Kiet also serves as a senior guidance and trains new technical members.

"Do not disturb.."

Phuong Ho

Co-Founder & Senior Developer

Phương is a senior developer with much experience in web & system development. At Ventuso, Phuong offers strong skill set ranging from front-end development to back-end architecture.


Dang Tran Bach

Co-Founder & Senior Android Developer

Dang is experienced in Android application development, web development and mobile game development. Dang’s previous experience in customer support is invaluable and has helped Ventuso focus on customer satisfaction.

"Baooo...buy us milk tea >3< "

Nhan Nguyen Hong

Co-Founder & Senior iOS Developer

Nhan is experienced in iOS application development, web development and system development. As one of the first few members of Ventuso, Nhan has demonstrated his ability to work and lead in iOS projects. Nhan is a highly-motivated individual and a great team player in any project.

"It ain't over till it over."

Duc Bao Nguyen


Duc Bao is an experienced developer in the designing database structure and API. He is great at analyzing business requirements and translating them into detailed requirements.

"Simply a Foodie"

Ha Nguyen Thi Thu


A hard-workng, cautious and motivated person who is resonsible for testing and quality control of product before launching.

"Truc, where are we going?"

Hong Vo Thi

Human Resource Executive

Hong is both good indiviual and team worker. She makes life easier for everyone.


Ngan Pham Thi

Marketing Executive

Ngan is full of energy and cheerful person.  Connecting with people is her forte.

"Milktea is everything"

Nguyen Pham Vu

Website Developer

Nguyen is an experienced developer with strong skills of front-end development and PHP frameworks. He always explores new technologies.

"Do not disturb"

Nhan Nguyen Quang

Website Developer

Nhan is an experienced developer majoring in PhP, Angular and Javascript and focusing on Web Portal. A calm and meticulous guy who helps a lot of collecting knowledge from seminars and workshops.

"Challenge Seeker"

Phuong Pham Hoang

iOS Developer

Phuong is experienced in Mobile Application and Website Development. Phuong specially serves in Website and iOS development and performs well in teamwork.

"Where is FOOD?"

Phong Nguyen Tan

Graphic Designer

Phong is our UI/UX go to guy.  He is an artist with out of the box imagination and creativity.


Son Pham Hung

Android Developer

Son is experienced in Mobile Application Development and focuses on Android. Such an orientable and supporting guy in every project.

"Fish farmer B-) "

Truc Ho Anh

iOS Developer

Truc is a full-stack developer focusing on mobile and cloud computing technologies. A dedicated person and fast learner who has deep knowledge about iOS development as well as web (service and font-end) and always seek to learn new technologies.

"On diet ^^"

Truc Bui Thi Thanh


Truc is very meticulous with her work.  She has great knowledge in smart phones.

"Ha, where are we going?"

Phuong Pham Nguyen

Project Manager

Phuong is an experienced person in management, especially for problem solving, project management, organization and communication. He is a great combination of patience, cautiousness and cleverness.


Diem Phan Thi Tuyet

Project Manager

Diem is an experienced Project Manager and QC team leader.  She is a team player that works very well with both clients and team members.

"Eat, eat more, eat forever"


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March 16th, 2018


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