With Thanksgiving right around the corner, there is no better way to prepare than with apps for your iPhone. From tasty recipes to enjoyable games to holiday greetings, these 10 apps will get you ready to give thanks.

Cooking and Recipes

Whether you like to stick with tradition or try something new, Thanksgiving cooking and recipe apps can help.

1. Thanksgiving: A Bon Appétit Manual (Free)

The Thanksgiving: A Bon Appétit Manual app provides great features to help you plan your Thanksgiving Day menu. Browse through a large selection of recipes from meats to sides to desserts. Or check out the menu section for recipes grouped by theme like Southern or Modern dishes.

The app also offers useful tips as well as videos. Learn how to carve the turkey properly, how to crimp your pie crust, or how to make an ice mold. Saved recipes and menus are accessed easily and you can use the schedule section to know exactly when to start preparing each dish. With beautiful photos, clear instructions, and useful extras, Thanksgiving: A Bon Appétit Manual can make planning your menu as easy as pie.

2. Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes (Free)

With many different ways to make turkey, the Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes apps lets you easily create a unique holiday dish. From pan-fried turkey with creamy pepper sauce to a marmalade and whiskey glazed turkey, the app offers plenty of recipe options.

Each recipe has a photo, preparation and cook times, serving amounts, ingredients, and instructions nicely displayed. The app lets you search for something specific, save your favorites, and look over the most recent recipes you viewed. So, if you are in the market to try a new turkey recipe this Thanksgiving, this app has you covered. There is an in-app purchase of $0.99 to remove the ads.

Fun and Games

Take a break from the kitchen or just get in the holiday spirit with enjoyable games made just for Thanksgiving.

3. 3D Turkey Run Thanksgiving Infinite Runner (Free)

Get ready to race through Thanksgiving Village in 3D Turkey Run. Choose from one of four turkeys, move left and right to pick up valuable coins, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to slide. There are obstacles galore from logs to fences to pumpkins, so you will need to maneuver your turkey well.

The game is available for free with in-app purchases to remove the ads or for additional tokens. For a little bit of Thanksgiving fun before the guests arrive, save the turkey in this upbeat endless runner.

4. Astraware Thanksgiving Wordsearch (Free)

If puzzles are more to your liking, Astraware Thanksgiving Wordsearch is a super game option for the holiday. With a large list to locate, you just drag through the letters as you find the Thanksgiving-themed words. When you are successful, you will see a cute flurry of leaves on the screen.

The game offers hints if you get stuck, sounds that can be disabled, and saves your game if you have to pause it. You can also delete your current game or show the solution and mark the game as completed. For puzzle fans, this is an entertaining word search challenge for the Thanksgiving season.

Wallpapers and Countdowns

Spruce up your iPhone with a Thanksgiving or autumn themed background and even see a countdown until the holiday.

5. Thanksgiving All-In-One (Free)

With 40 seasonal wallpaper options, recipes, and a built-in countdown, Thanksgiving All-In-One has a bit of everything. The wallpaper options include pumpkins, leaves, and the silhouette of a pilgrim. The countdown can be accessed with a tap and displays the time until Thanksgiving Day arrives.

As added bonuses, the app includes links to YouTube videos of recipes and a small section that has Thanksgiving poems. If you are looking for a simple, free app to get you in the holiday spirit, this is one to check out.

6. Thanksgiving Wallpaper & Backgrounds (Free)

If you are just looking for a nice selection of wallpapers for your Home or Lock screen, take a look at Thanksgiving Wallpaper & Backgrounds from Floor Girls. From artsy and classic to cute and cartoonish, there are many cool options.

Once you choose a wallpaper, you can save it to your camera roll or share it with a friend. The app also includes a slideshow option, so just sit back and relax as you browse through the backgrounds. Thanksgiving Wallpaper & Backgrounds also has images for other holidays and seasons, making it useful for any time of the year.

Kids and Coloring Books

Let your kids create some works of art for Thanksgiving with cute coloring book apps for iOS.

7. Thanksgiving Coloring Book! (Free)

A good coloring book option for the kids is Thanksgiving Coloring Book! from Peep Software. With silly turkeys, young pilgrims, and a perfect pie, several images are available to choose from for any age or preference. One you select a picture, switching colors is easy by swiping on the crayons. Then, just tap the crayon color you want and let the fun begin.

The app offers both brush and bucket coloring modes, a handy eraser, and simple saving or sharing options. For those images that have a lot of detail, just use the pinch-to-zoom feature. The app is free with an in-app purchase to remove the ads for $0.99.

8. Thanksgiving Coloring Book (Free)

Thanksgiving Coloring Book FREE from TickTap has a smaller selection of images, but still provides the enjoyment of coloring and includes delightful background music. Choose a vibrant color from the 16 options and then pick your brush size to get started.

This coloring book app does not include a fill mode making it more like a real coloring experience. But, do not worry because if you make a mistake or color outside the lines, there is an eraser. Finished masterpieces can be emailed to faraway family right from within the app. Additional picture packs are available and you can remove the ads for $0.99.

Greeting Cards and Photo Frames

Send a heartfelt or amusing greeting this Thanksgiving with neat greeting card and photo frame apps.

9. Thanksgiving Day Greeting Cards (Free)

Browse through colorful greeting cards and pop in your message with the Thanksgiving Day Greeting Cards app. With plenty of Thanksgiving and seasonal options, finding the perfect card for your friend or family member is easy.

Font style, color, alignment, and outline options are available allowing you to customize your greeting. When you are ready to send your message, tap the Share button and choose Facebook, Twitter, text message, or Messenger. So, send a little love or just some silliness this Thanksgiving.

10. Thanksgiving Picture Frames (Free)

If you enjoy using your own photos for your greetings, check out Thanksgiving Picture Frames. The app offers over 50 nifty frames, 100 decorative stickers, and a variety of font styles.

Using the app is simple. Just select a photo from your iPhone, add your text, and include in a few stickers. The app lets you share your creation on Facebook or Twitter, send it in an email, or just save it to your camera roll. This Thanksgiving, send a gobble or a grin with this fun photo app.

Do You Have a Favorite Thanksgiving App?

Whether you enjoy themed games, attractive backgrounds, or holiday greetings, these apps are just the ticket for Turkey Day. Do you have an app that you like to use for Thanksgiving?