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With the news of a major update to Uber, and Microsoft taking on Slack, you may have missed some of this week's best new apps. 


Each weekend, we round up a few of our favorite new and updated apps. This week's list includes a new app from Epicurious to give you easier access to recipe videos, an app that helps you check your notes while you're writing, and an app that's a literal cat and mouse chase.

Check out the gallery below to see our top picks. If you're looking for more items to fill up your phone, take a look at our last roundup of can't-miss apps.

bear app



When you're hit with inspiration to write you usually can't help but type away at lightspeed. But sometimes, you get so caught up in the moment that you actually forget about a really good idea you had jotted down in your notes. Bear is here to make sure that doesn't happen: By syncing up your notes and edits across multiple deivces and formats, Bear lets you search through all your writing using hashtags. The app will also pull up related photos while you're writing, to give you even more inspo.

Free: iOS app


Some of us can't fall asleep without music, some of us can't focus on work without music -- and some of us have trouble finding the music to help us go about our daily lives. wants to help you change that so you can sleep, meditate and focus better. The app offers up music designed for the brain (and generated by an AI) as you embark on each of these tasks. Using auditory neuroscience and a library of this music, your performance on each of these tasks is said to improve after 15 minutes of using the app.  

Free: iOS

Enhance app



Enhance wants to make sure all your photos are social media ready. The app claims it can help you perfectly-crop pictures to fit each social media platform. It also lets you add filters, borders, stickers, text, and watermarks to keep your aesthetic "on-brand." That's right, no more stressing out about your new shoes getting cut out of your new profile picture!  

Free: iOS 

Epicurious app



In its new app, Epicurious has decided to consolidate recipes from experts such as Bon Appetit, Gourmet, and HarperCollins, all in one place. Now, you can watch video tutorials of these recipes to make sure you get them right! The new Epicurious app also allows you to save the recipes you love in a library, and lets you share your own recipes with the rest of the app's food-loving community.  

Free: iOS




With IFTTT's new update, you can now use applets to help you control and monitor your favorite apps. It's like a universal remote control for your apps. Whether it's Instagram, your e-mail, or the weather app, you can set IFTTT to send you specific notifications and alerts from each of these apps. IFTTT also allows you to streamline your social media, automatically back-up files, or connect to Amazon Alexa so you can control your apps using just your voice.

Free: iOS and Android


nekosan app



Run and jump, or do some combination of both, to catch stars. Nekosan basically allows you to take on the role of a samurai cat as you try to catch the stars the mouse has stolen from you. Using just one finger you learn to navigate through each of these aesthetically pleasing levels, taking advantage of the walls and shape of your surroundings to help you reach higher. It's like Tom and Jerry plus geometry plus ninja warrior.  

Free: iOS




You probably know at least one megafan who's snapped or tweeted a question at a celeb (if you haven't already done so yourself). It is really cool that we live in a time that we have such direct access to the influencers we care about the most. But sometimes your pressing questions get lost in cyberspace. Whale wants to help make it easier for influencers to see and answer your questions. Once you've asked a Whale influencer a question they can send you a personal video response with an answer. If the question has already been asked, you can view the answer using the influencers Q&A library. While the app is free, but asking in-app celbrities and influencers can cost "coins" (normals can ask answer questions for free) so there is an incentive for more influencers to join since they app can monetize their fan bases. DJ Khaled, are you reading?     

Free: iOS