Potential risks of outsourcing mobile app development:

Confidential information leakage.

Lack of quality control.

The problem of miscommunication.

Requirement change.


Do not outsource mobile app development?

This is what it is said, after these potential risks..

But just taking a little responsible and giving some time to the developer team can control everything during app development process.


How to reduce risks:

Two first big risks of outsourcing the app development are confidential information leakage and project theft. But you can reduce these risks with a non-disclosure agreement. All good outsourcing companies always care about client information and project idea. Ventuso LLC is one of these companies guaranteeing your idea which its non-disclosure agreement protects 100%.

Making everyone on the same page to minimize all possible inconveniences and provide better control on quality during video conference or webinar.

The requirements is changing inevitably during software development. Working with an in-house development team can bring a small issue, but it may lead to the contract being improved and additional costs when outsourcing mobile application development.


Benefits of outsourcing mobile app development:

Cutting project costs. In most countries offering IT outsourcing, workforce is adequately lower than in the USA or Western Europe. For instance, Ukrainian IT engineer salary is just approximately 10-20% compared with an American or European. Since education level in Computing Sciences is of word-class quality, you can access to a pool of talented programmers for the specific project.

Time-efficient project accomplishment. Within the deadlines, an in-house team might not be enough with necessary skills to complete a particular project. It may be unnecessary to hire more skillful personnel (time staff/contractors) and management which is expensive and extra manpower after completing the project. Hence, IT outsourcing is  a convenient way to do.

Essential skills. Specific skills  which can be supplied to their partners from the outsourcing companies are vital to accomplish separately critical project sections for the business process but it lacks. For instance, client needs some piece of software coded in a particular technology but doesn’t have qualified specialists in this domain. It’s nonsense to search and employ extra personnel which may be time-consuming. It may be the best solution to hire an outsourcing company.

Less Production down Time. With software development outsourcing process can be extended to 24 hours a day; it will cover all the required shifts. It is when time-difference is working for you,beneficially.

Company’s Stuff Gets More Time. Company’s personnel can focus on high-level tasks including requirements elaboration, project management and design. Professional development is also possible for the company’s personnel such as attending trainings, seminars, self-education which is also a good thing for your team.

Lower Operating Costs. Using offshore development resource has some more cost advantages: it’s unnecessary to purchase and maintain essential equipment for your new employees and also can save money on their training. The operational expense savings can be enormous and can really help SMEs stay competitive among the larger enterprises.