The app development agencies often resort to hosting events as a successful mobile app development strategy. Almost 18 % of marketing companies devote most of their budget towards events. Event Marketing can be quite a difficult task. It can be chaotic, frenzied and intense at times and sometimes a totally thankless job.

The upcoming events may sound absolutely sound, when the agenda is fixed, the venue is located and the speakers signed up. But, still there is one task that needs to be taken care is to make sure that the attendees have a great experience, once they arrive.

In majority of cases, the event marketers use social media extensively, in 80 % of cases for imparting knowledge to the clients, as they track the likes, followers and mentions, so as to build customer engagement, converting this valuable knowledge into event attendance.

The event marketers takes help of both the traditional type of digital marketing as well taking recourse to novel means such as mobile apps to perform the same function, of targeting the audience and sustaining customer attention.

Here are some of the ways in which the mobile apps prove to be beneficial for the events.

Generating the Excitement Around the Event

Use the mobile app to generate that much needed excitement about the event by creating what we call in the buzz about the said event. It may be easy to reach out to the wide audience, but what is more important is to gather the right type of crowd and make them work as brand advocates, who will spread the word for the event, in their respective network. The apps will provide the right buzz about the event such as:

Planning through the Mobile Apps

You need to take care of the people who are actually considering your event through the mobile apps. Planning their visit is one way to attract the customers, through these apps. There are often some events which are spread across multiple locations. It is advisable to provide location details or mobile planning with the apps. Information on the performers such as when and where they are performing are useful insights, ensuring the best experience for the customers.

Customer Retention through the Mobile Apps

The relation with the customer does not cease even with the event completion. The apps actually places the brands in the customer’s daily lives. It will create useful touchpoints for converting the clients into evangelists. Make sure that you do not lose your attendee base, by too much bombardment of sales messages, otherwise the only result is that the same attendees will start losing interest in the apps and even delete the app for that matter. It will then be extremely difficult to bring back the same client.

Creation of that Personalized Experience

The apps focus a lot on helping the attendees network. Personalized experiences, whatever be the type of events are on the rise as a result. The clients prefer an experience which will give them some options. Interactive maps is one of the most common  practices, where the clients will choose what they can and cannot through the apps.

Riding above the Competition

The mobile technologies are spreading its wings at a breakneck speed and earlier is the adoption of the technologies by the same clients, higher are the chances of rising above your competitors. At the same time, the app development marketplace is intensely competitive and you need your strategies in place, for curving out a niche for your business with these event apps. The apps that are created must take into consideration the requirements of the attendee base.

Social Networking

If there are limited opportunities for meeting the networks that the clients are seeking through such occurrence, they convert into dissatisfied clients. A directory on attendees and social network for the event are some of the best practices for ensuring professional or social network as needed by the clients.

The mobile apps act as a total game changer. They need to comprehend the requirements of the sponsors as well as the attendees.