What are the best mobile app development companies in the world ? Many people, enterprenuers and startups asked that question when they want to create their own mobile application for their business. Whether it is in iOS, Android or Cross-Platform. 

The top companies can be alocated from around the world, from California to South East Aisa, across Europe and Middle East. BusinessofApps in 2017, choose companies with proven track records and deversified porfolio. All of the company in the list can deliver quality mobile application on iOS and Android in a good time. 

These app development companies are devided into regions: 

Best mobile app development company


USA is the land where all mobile application begin but all of them are not allocated in California or Sillicon Valley. 

LeewayHertz – has been in the mobile solutions business since 2007. Based in San Francisco, LeewayHertz designs and develops innovative mobile apps for some of the world’s most famous brands, small businesses and startups alike. 

Dom and Tom – A smaller studio which punches well above its weight thanks to talent, skill and a customer-facing approach. The PriceLine flight booker is one of the major projects since foundation in 2009. 

United Kingdom

Some talented UI/UX Design House can be founded in London, Manchester or Scottland. 

Chelsea Apps Factory – No prizes for guessing where this Tech Track 100 company is based. Will take your app from a mere idea to a fully functioning product, as they have done with KPMG and Ladbrokes to name a few. 

Ready4s – Provides both engineering and mobile consultancy services, and since foundation in 2011 has delivered 55+ mobile apps to over 45 clients, covering iOS, Android and Windowsphone.


Eastern Europe can provide talented development at countries such as Romania, Hungaria, Poland and Corotia. 

Infinum – Spread across the US, Croatia and Slovenia, Infinum’s team of 108 is strong on both mobile and web development. Trusted by Bayer, Samsung and P&G 

Five – Founded in 2005 and with offices in New York and Croatia, Five have a deep experience with mobile development, a lot of that focused on gaming and business. 

South East Asia 

South East Asia is a rising star where they have a great market and a growing up economy. Vietnam is become a golden star among them where there are a lot of tech startups, great market and quality of app development company. Vietnam is also consider to become a new Silicon Valley of Asia. 

Ventuso LLC – Ventuso has two head offices: one in Vietnam and the other in Austin, Texas. Most of their work is on mobile apps but they also do web development, with key clients being Fi Interactive and Ztrip.   

Credencys Solutions Inc – From mobile development to augmented reality and wearable solutions. Headquartered in the US but with a presence in Singapore and development centres in India.

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