In the new tech trend, a question always raise to business owner: How to apply new techs to empower the business, analyse the market and raise the sales volume?  

Here is the answer: Apply a Mobile Application System.

Case 1: If you own a small business like shop, restaurant, drink shop, bakery … etc

The app provides to your users could help you make marketing and sales much easier and can impress your customers. You can apply an online sales directly to your customer via the app. On the other hand, pushing notifications and reminder help you to take customer attention every day, remind them “we are here”.

You can also apply a lot of marketing activities to keep them focus into your business like send them a welcome message with a gift, send them a birthday wish or new year wish, ask them if they are happy with the service and listen to their feedbacks.

Regarding the rating and comment system, you can collect customers’ feedbacks to improve your services, you know why they like and do not like your services. The app should allow users to share what they like from your services to social networks like Facebook, Twitter... etc, this is an amazing solution.

In terms of the shop and restaurant, I would like to recommend you a loyalty system where loyalty point can be redeemed as rewards or goods. This will keep your customer associate to your business more and for each reward, they can share it to your Facebook a new status to their friends and ... you have new incoming potential customers.

Don't forget to add the map on your app, it is always the good point to show where you are on the world to your customer or potential customer, let them easier to find you. They also can tap on a button to call your shop without note down your number into their phone contact.

And if they are your loyalty customers, they should have heaps favorite things from your store, let them mark those as Favorites.

For the back-end, this is a miracle where you should invest more effort. Through the app activities, you can collect a lot of data: Location of customer access, what they like from your store and mark to favorite. Imaging, show all of these on a map and you should know where to build your next store with which goods to adapt their needs.

For those who want customers to stay more on the app, I suggest to build a mini game in the app with prize. You would also like to send survey questions via the apps and wait for their feedback, this is precious data.

From user profiles, you can have statistics of a lot of characteristics such as age, gender, education .... With this information, you can plan to aim to accurate customers to increase sales volume.

There are more tools from App system to benefit your business which I can help to analyse in detail cases. Contact me and I would like suggest you more, only for your business.

Case 2: For bigger companies which produce goods and look for new tools for the war in market. We are here for you.

If you are the chief of a big company who produces goods and sells them via a system of Agency or you will need to audit how they are selling your products ? You may find your answer here.

App can provide your salesman an easy tool to measure the market, statistics and survey the market faster and automatically calculate and generate reports. This, firstly, reduces your resource cost. The fast information would also help a hand to move upward the competitors.

If you have customers using the app, you can draw a map on your Admin Portal to see where they are and you would know where to put your sale locations.

If you have your agency using the app, to update the volume of sales, you would have a raw look into your whole market. You can see where is the effectiveness and non-effectiveness point of sales. This is a savior.

If you have your sales team and marketing team using the app, you can update and input competitors status and their market. Hence, you can plan to hold your market and even win theirs.

On the other hand, app can also provide to your abroad agencies to update their situation about goods supply and needs for you, so you can plan to export and import.

This solution is totally based on your type and plan of business at the moment. I would like to consult you the best system for your business.

Any further questions, you can directly contact me for support at or visit our website at Ventuso LLC .

We can help to develop a solution with a mobile apps system for your business case and we always guarantee you the safety of your business solutions.


Bao Nguyen - Asia Director of Ventuso LLC 

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