Are you seeking for a creative environment where you can work with cool people, the best equipment and great payment? That’s how it is for the best mobile developers.

There is a huge demand for mobile developers, and a shortage of qualified people to fill the demand.

But it is never easy to land one of these jobs just because of mobile developers shortage. It’s probably easier to become a doctor or a lawyer rather than it is to become a top mobile developer. But where’s the fun in that?

Recruiters are looking for a laundry list of skills and experience that very few people can qualify. But, if you’re willing to try to meet those requirements, you will be a highly in-demand mobile developer. You might even be able to dictate your own terms.

Great payment, multiple job offers, freedom – these are all part of the deal for top mobile developers.

Mobile developers make more money if they have …


Your Mission: Become a Top Paid Mobile Developer

1) Research local mobile companies

Figure out who you want to work for and why you want to work for them. This will be very helpful when you are making connections. Some places to research companies that hire mobile developers:

Follow the money, watch who gets funding because these companies will be hiring.

2) Start to better your skills and experience

These are just the tips of the iceberg, but also the most highly in-demand skills for mobile developers:

  1. iOS with Objective C

  2. Android with Java

  3. HTML5 with CSS3 for web app development

If you have experience of those skills, you'll even earn more.

Look at job descriptions at the companies you want to work for. Search the jobs on Github, Twitter, LinkedIn, Workopolis and Monster to find out what else you need to add to your toolbox.  

Learn about native apps, web apps, hybrid apps. Study the current trends in mobile app development.

Take courses to fill in the gaps in your skillset. Many low cost and free courses are available online to get you started.

3) Get your foot in the door

If you are transitioning from programmer to mobile developer, you have a head start. Look for opportunities to bring your skills to mobile development teams.

You may have to do some work for free or work alongside a mobile development team doing tech support, tech writing or design. But as you build your toolbox and chalk out some experience, you may be able to convince them to let you help out with the development side.

To build a network for job opportunities:

4) Interview Prep