It is hard to say if there are ups or downs when you decide to start your own business. And you are still struggling with the decision whether it’s better to build your own team or to start working on your product right away.

When you decide to outsource instead of inhouse team, it is time to realize filtering a good outsourcing company is not an easy task while the number of outsourcing companies is huge.

Different outsourcing companies work differently, use different technologies and have a wide range of prices. Then you should take a look at this guide

1. Pay attention to how they work

A good outsourcing company also needs to understand your business needs. A good  one should provide you with the unique talents, plan how to spend your money effectively, and deliver ontime.

It matters on your value proposition and not on the way you build to improve, which means instead of effort create a complex product based on your own point of view, you create the MVP and develop it depending on the needs and user behavior.

It’s very important because the sooner you get the tracking, the sooner you will get the positive cash flow. If the company had experience with startup development, let them show their work and find if this is the company you are looking for.

2. How you work with them

The framework to manage product development of the company is essential to check also. Productivity tools to remember: Agile and SCRUM.

You need to know if you will get an insight into the whole process of development and how much you will impact on it. Also, you need to be a role of a Product Owner and your responsibilities in this role, in another word, you are a member of the team. Hence, you can update and control what you need: you can see the whole progress and interfere in need.


3. Consider the product you will get

Eventually, the most important thing of a good outsourcing company to concern about is the quality of delivered product. It results from the whole development process, including choosing the right tools, using continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), automated testing, setting high code quality requirements.

You will not always need to work with an outsourcing company thought starting your startup with the help of them. Sometimes, it might be better to hire your own team. They need to get the clear and good quality code that are easy to understand and develop further. Or the new team will spend a lot of time to fix it in case of badness – in the worst scenario, the code may have to be rewritten! You can ask them to give you some code samples so that you can have sortlist to see if it is satisfying.

4. Calculate the final cost

It varies for the range of their prices for a man-hour. It depends on the criteria of location (some regions are cheaper than the others), experience, the methodology of work, technology stack and many other factors. When considering the final cost of hiring a remote team of developers, you need to count both: price for the man-hour and estimated time-to-market.


If you have any other advice on how to choose the best outsourcing company for your startup, comment below to discuss!