As the Android app development makes an entry into the developing economies they need to have a powerful strategy like comprehending the target audience.

The smartphones are covering every aspect of our day to day lives as we are becoming dependent on these devices to take care of all of our basic chores. While developing the mobile apps,  it is important to know what is the target audience. The smartphone manufacturers always prefer to launch their latest products in the emerging markets so that they gain higher amount of profit. The developing economies like China, Brazil, India, Nepal and Bangladesh offers a wide scope in terms of expanding their business. There is no doubt about the fact that India has emerged as one of the most lucrative among the markets for the smartphones as well as any other products.


Speaking in terms of the numbers that we obtain from the surveys conducted so far, the smartphone users will reach 810 million by 2021. When we compare this with respect to the global figures, the number of smartphone users will increase by 81% across the globe and 58% by the end of 2021.

The world of smartphones are broadly classified into those based on Android, iOS and Windows. Out of all of these platforms the highest demand is for the Android app development services. Approximately 84% of the smartphone users rely on Android only. The developing countries have shown a keen interest in the use of Android apps. So, for the app development companies it is a good step to invest in Android as they take their profitable first step. The developing economies are different from the advanced economies on account of the differences and diversities in economic, social and psychological aspects. But before the app developersmakes a foray into the developing markets, they requires a proper plan and a strategy.



When we are talking in terms of the developing economies. Android is the most preferred platform of all. So, you reach a higher number of users with the help of developing Android apps. Moreover, Google keeps on adding new features to the OS so as to keep the Android app developers updated on the benefits of the advanced technologies. Quite recently the firstdeveloper preview of Android O, the latest version of the Android OS was announced, which enables the Android app developers in building powerful and feature-rich Android apps.


Comprehending the target audience is the most critical factor while developing Android apps. Only mobile app which has outstanding features and functionalities are bound to be successful, that too meeting all the user requirements. The first impression that the user gathers while looking at an app is what shapes the user interest, as they start to download and install your app.


The seamless experience that is rendered by the mobile app is only met with a proven strategy. The app development process need to be managed strategically right from the conceptualization of the app idea up-to the testing phase.



The choice of whether to opt for a paid or a free app will amount to increasing user engagement in the mobile app. The app developer can work on a model where a free app is developed and the more important features are unlocked with additional payment. This will ensure that the app will fetch more users in comparison with a paid app. Other best practices for getting revenue are ad banners or promoting apps from other companies by simply collaborating with them.  


Your Android app must procure the best of rankings in the Google Play Store ensuring an increased traffic for your app. You must analyze the reasons to lead to maximum downloads. Localization of apps leads to higher conversions for your app. Graphics, icons and features are utilized for creating brand awareness.

Ultimately, the whole purpose that is served by strategizing the Android app development is to develop customer-centric mobile apps. So, not only expertise on technology but knowhow on app marketing and optimization are the contributing factors for building successful Android apps.