Mobile application development is a fast paced increasing industry with full of potential. However, getting started to be a mobile app developer for a newbie is not easy. This simple guide can draw you a path to define your own direction and how to do it before beginning the very first step.

Get a computer science degree

A computer science degree get you a foundation for the field and you will get more opportunities from the companies to work in the field of Information Technology.

Try to major in mobile application development when in school and also other relevant skills/ knowledge.


Choose main languages to learn

There  are a lot of languages for you to start with such as: Javascript, Node JS, HTML, My SQL, Swift, CSS, etc. You can learn all of them but starting one by one is the easiest way ever.

Depending on which platforms that you want to develop on to decide a language to learn.


Practice and develop your own project

You can take courses or learn by yourself with ebook. Whatever-if you can find a way to learn-practice-learn and practice.

Make a connection and get advice from experienced developers, which can help you during your learning how to develop mobile application.


Improve yourself with other soft skills

Soft skills play an important role in all fields. A project generally requires many roles such as Project Manager, Designer, QA/QC (Tester), front-end/ back-end developers, etc; hence, it requires such important skills as communication, teamwork, individual work, planning. Or if you can be multi-taking for all above roles, thumb-ups for you. Thus, you need to prepare yourself with those skills for the best performance.