Mobile applications are blooming as the demand for smart devices rises in the market. Enterprises are keen on building apps that can change the way users interact with the world or perform their day-to-day tasks.

With the rise in smartphone owners and tech experts working on new applications, the trends and future assumptions tend to fluctuate. This year has witnessed enormous tech updates and modifications. New trends emerge, techniques of operations demand change, and sighting the same, enterprises need to adopt different methodologies to prosper.

Now after a month, 2016 will bid adieu to all of us leaving behind some concepts and ideology. and taking along others for the future days.  While new trends and predictions will be welcomed by developers, tech geeks and industry leaders, some trends will fade away while some still will be as important as they were in the past.

To remind your technical souls of how that’s already discovered can work progressively in the upcoming years, we, with our well-informed team of developers, designers and Project Managers at Konstant, have listed down several mobile app development trends for 2017.

Wearables and connected devices will grow

Wearables and connected devices

One of the hot topics today in technology domain is Internet of Things. Connected devices are on the rise and gaining traction with every passing day. Agencies are busy programming devices that communicate to the physical world and would certainly transform the way we indulge in our daily activities.

Already, there has been a huge investment done in IoT apps related to health, fitness and music, which is likely to spread to different domains as well in the coming years.

Cross-platform apps will gain attention

Cross-platform apps

There is a high possibility of companies adopting hybrid app development in 2017. Especially because the need of the hour is quick and rapid development. The market has become more customer-centric where users want tasks to be accomplished in a short span of time driving companies to adopt quick methods and procedures.

Also, the cost is one of the key factors, which supports hybrid app development. Cross-platform apps are affordable, easy and can be quickly deployed satisfying the customers’ needs. Frameworks like AngularJS, Cordova, PhoneGap and more will play a crucial role here.

Security of mobile apps

mobile app security

There isn’t a universal tool for securing apps, which makes them vulnerable to security breaches. This is a global issue that demands attention. Apple has shown some signs of it being migrating to a secure environment via Swift while rest are still relying on current techniques. The following year will surely see more tech giants putting efforts in creating a secure ecosystem as it is a necessity rather than an option.

Hackers have already corroded some of the potential startups in the past, which is indeed an alarming sign for new entrepreneurs and companies.

User experience will hold importance

UX, User Experience


User experience has always been important in the case of mobile apps and the coming year won’t be an exception. UX will dominate 2017 mobile app trends asking designers several questions during their journey of app development. As a designer, you tend to put in creativity and new techniques without being sure of what will work. But that’s the way design aspect works!

You try new things, new font styles, color schemes and placements. Out of which some hit the bullseye while others fade like the way they never existed. However, some conventions last forever. Fresh and modern ideas will be welcomed in 2017 for better user experience.

Enterprise mobile app market will get bigger

Enterprise Mobile App


Enterprise apps have streamlined the work operations in an organization, which has been in high demand in the past. This year, a lot of companies have invested in enterprise mobile solutions for better employee engagement and optimizing workplace.

Field workers have been blessed with the inclusion of enterprise mobile apps as they need to work remotely, which often asked them to put in that extra effort to impress their managers. Now they can remotely submit reports, notify tech issues at the site and retrieve client’s history at will.

After witnessing a significant rise lately, enterprise mobility will see more and more agencies boarding the ship.