It’s significantly lower for labor costs in Vietnam than in any other countries.

Labor Force

It’s a 96% literacy rate and high scientific and technological knowledge for labor force in Vietnam.

Socio-Economic and Economic Stability

Vietnam has dramatic GDP growth, with significant foreign investment and members from the World Trade Organization.

Ethnic/Religious Stability

No ethnic/religious conflicts in Vietnam.

Political Stability

Vietnam's current government has been for more than 30 years and no conflicts with neighbor countries for almost that time.

Business Environment

Business and foreign investment are favored with Viet laws and policies and the country is constantly increasing its protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights.


Most Vietnam graduates are fluent in English, which is the second-most popular language here, mostly thanks to Vietnamese’s origin of the Latin alphabet.

However, it lacks in High-quality Workforce...

In order to generate huge revenues and high competition, some IT service suppliers in Vietnam accept low-quality workforce. You may risk your product by suppliers hiring fresh graduates. fortunately, many IT students in Vietnam do a lot of freelance work before starting an official job. To get your investment worthy, consult an offshore company that can prove its highly competent IT workforce.


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