Marketing budget for promoting your mobile app are very likely to pay off because only 50–60% of all mobile apps have a marketing investment. But how to integrate your marketing communications between when it is approved in the store and your first press release? If all customer reviews, press release coverage, and reviews from popular bloggers are done at the same time, the best results will be shown. Notice the deadlines and timing because 65–80% of your mobile app sales can happen from 1 to 2 months seasonally. What, if any, experience do you get with mobile apps promotion?

First, let’s look at buying cycles. The cycles can vary for every user; they buy and install mobile apps daily for some weeks, and then just quit buying and forget about AppStore for some months. Once or twice a week, others often buy and install 1–2 apps. Some users buy once a day, while others even don’t have any system  — they just drop in and out the App Store every now and then. Generally, the ones just got a new device are the most active users, but over time, their buying decreases.

The problem with most mobile apps is that they are only used only once or twice and then forgotten. Users don’t afford buying every app or enough memory storage to keep every mobile app they download installed. Then, users especially consider about the apps they download, even free ones. After their satisfaction, only mobile apps that help their daily lives easier can be kept.

Even if someone has downloaded 148 mobile apps onto a 128 GB device, actually they just use less than 10 of them. Sometimes, customers review apps they download and delete uninterested apps. These following three questions will help you to convince users about keeping your application.

1) Is your mobile app seasonal?

Some mobile apps such as weather, holidays and fashion trends are heavily influenced seasonally. The publishing deadline is an important factor. Making a mobile app dedicated to the Olympic Games or a mobile app informing users about Super Bowl news for example, the app won’t be on point if you are too late, or you can’t compete to your competitors to the top 100.

Some productivity apps are also seasonally influenced; for example, tax payment apps are used greater popularly from January until the tax deadline in April. The deadlines for taxation procedures vary for each country, so that should be considered when your app is marketed and published. However, finance and banking apps are always used because they are daily in use. Health apps also are in demand over the year, except for apps for sports or water activities that need certain weather to use; for instance, skiing apps are usually used during the winter.

2) What superstar marketing tools can you use before publishing your app?

To guarantee sales sufficiently (at least better than nothing), your marketing strategy should be considered. Though significant results can be achieved, you’ll still be successful.

Think about creating a unique type of mobile app that has never created. Dig deeper, and try to grow the original idea. Mobile app development is about singularity.

Build mobile apps that recommend others. For example, some apps count the number of mobile apps published in the App Store. In each category, the best of the best will be recommended through searching in the store.

Sponsor. If you create an app that brings good sales, cooperate with someone in the same field. Many other activities can be shared with them, such as identifying their marketing message or sharing advertising campaigns. This way works because partnerships bring good results in all forms of marketing, including mobile app promotion.

If your app is in narrow niche, get more content and feedbacks from editors and interested users about your product.

3) Other timing tips and tricks

First, check to see if any new apps or updates are released by huge corporations. You need to figure out a certain routine for your new product.

Your press release plays an important role as well. It should be attractive enough for news agencies to mention you through their own content. Your product should be focused on, so choose the day only a few important apps will be published when your first announcement.

When you upload your mobile app to the AppStore for approval, the publish date can be specified. If everything goes smoothly, it will take a week or two to evaluate your app. This can help your press releases and promotion campaigns to the actual publish date in the marketplace.