Are you a software development company in Singapore, USA, EU, Australia, Japan ?  Here is the model you should consider to look at Vietnam. 


A software company in your country which serves a pool of clients and you growth up fast and well and you have a lot of request but can not handle it. 

Beside of that, you have issues with NDA signed with your clients and you can not outsource it to a Agency in Asia. How to solve the problem? 

Look at the Outsourcing Model in Vietnam which called ODC (Offshore Development Center) Model. This is the model where you can start hiring your own developers, establish communication and managing your projects. You can start by contracting to a Software Development Company in Vietnam, they can help you by follow these steps: 

  1. Screening CVs
  2. Interviews 
  3. Team building 
  1. HR Checkup 
  2. Paperworks 
  3. Payment and Policy Access