What is that 1st thing dawns on you when start a business? Or developing a mobile app?

Nothing rather than Money, right? You are not sure whether your investment will reap the right fruits and bring forth the product you expected or not – the app you always thought of.

Mobile apps market is exploding, and it’s not only left for consumers anymore; organizations and enterprises are also using apps within the corporate environment.


How to make an Enterprise mobile app development cost-effective?

Cost-effective Mobile App Development

While each company requires different apps to perform different tasks, organizations need to rethink of the budget limitations they had set for each project and look for ways to reduce the costs to some extent without compromising the quality of the app.  Concepts of enterprise mobility- BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Bring Your Own App (BYOA) are not easy on the pocket. They require expert developers and adequate funds.

Recently, while discussing a project with one of our clients, our team explored some issues that enterprises face when getting their apps built. Especially, startups and medium-level enterprises that have certain price restrictions, encounter big challenges during mobile app development as they need to cater to the requirements of the staff and comply with the norms of the workplace.

That said, our team discovered the root problems that really force these business organizations to compromise with the product quality in some or the other way. We also did an in-depth research and dug out solutions to address all those problems.

Reducing Time-to-market by employing skilled designers and developers

Extremely important to create an effective and budget-friendly app in just one go is to hire a recognized and proven application development company, Don’t take the risk of building the app on your own as you may not have the right expertise required. You may just waste your money and time realizing that the app you built is not working properly- the screens are not well connected, there is a time lag when traversing, navigation through screens is poor—but then it’s too late.

Let the designers and developers actually work for you and create a memorable user experience instead of just copying the code from other similar apps.Outsourcing helps you customize your app in a better way allowing you to solve business problems

Reusing Content thereby reducing costs 

To gain most efficiency from the apps, business owners can utilize the same content for a single functionality if implemented in more than one apps. For instance, if you have a signup screen content built for one app, you can reuse the content and even the same screen on the second app if it also includesthe signup.

Learn to reuse your assets but in a smart manner. Don’t reuse to the extent that both apps look alike.

One more thing that’s important for business owners is to use tools that can update content within apps such that they do not have to resubmit their content on app stores. This saves time and reduces the expense of resubmission.

Connecting enterprise systems with apps

Though sharing the enterprise data that may include personal information about the staff, the clients and the projects your company manages might be risky. It it is wittier to connect the system completely in a secure manner. This may incur more initial costs for incorporating more secure frameworks and technologies but can save you dollars later. Connected systems help you reach the staff easily and quickly.

Over to You

This way you, as a business owner or organization’s manager, can ensure cost-effective application development in minimum efforts and least time. Hand over the core development tasks to the ones who have greater experience and complete knowledge, and then play smart by utilizing the same code and UI (only with slightest modifications) in the next app. A great guidance of this kind can be taken from Konstant developers and Managers, who also assist you in building the most dynamic and useful enterprise app creations.