The first quarter of 2018 has gone and we all concern that which are the most successful app development companies in 2017 doing. Let's review the best ones of them. 

In software development/ solution and more specific of mobile app development field, there are many successful companies that can deliver a success solution to their clients. Many are reviewed in 2017, you can take a look at them here: 


During this quarter, more and more people doing startup and need successful solutions. People are always looking up on the internet for partners that can deliver. Here they are, the list with changes that they had made in the first quarter of 2018. 

1. Savvycom SoftwareMost Trusted App Developer & Tech Partner 

Savvycom is still one of the best app development company in Ha Noi where they deliver many new project in the first quarter of 2018. They has 1 more review on Clutch and become more famous on Quora. 


2. Ventuso LLC - Trusted Partner. Build with talents

The best of the best in Vietnam, they are still high ranking on BusinessofApps, Clutch, Appfutura and many other rating & review agencies. 


Ventuso has continue of many projects as list below to become next phases for their clients, they are also release a few other projects and continue to become a consultant for startups in Vietnam, Singapore and USA. 

Previous Successful Projects (Clicks for details): 

New Group of doing consulting: 

Ventuso Website 

Launch Group in Facebook  

Ventuso is also doing an IoT project and another mobile app product for Fashion Brands in Vietnam. 



3. QSoft Vietnam - One Stop Destination For All Software Needs

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Score: 4.5/5 by 7 reviews 

Founded: 2005

Min Project Size: $25,000+ 

Company Size: 50 - 249 Engineer 

QSoft Vietnam is continuing being second place in Hanoi and the third place in Vietnam. There are not much information from them, however, they are keeping good process to deliver to clients.