1. Young Population

There are 91 million people in Vietnam and about 64% young people (from 18 – 32) - a very good population base from which age of good programmers can be developed. Moreover, they have deep love of computer and motivation to learn. More and more Vietnamese student choose to major in Computer Science, becoming a software developer in an outsource company seems to be attractive to the young, earning good money and opportunely working environment.



2. Good Infrastructure

Vietnam is a small country with 2 big cities: Hanoi Capital and Ho Chi Minh city. It can be easily seen that Ho Chi Minh city has a pretty good infrastructure regarding roads, internet bandwidth and basic services. Many foreigners from US, UK to Korea have been moving to Vietnam and stay for long or settle down their “home” here. Cheap and almost free wifi here as well. There are more than 100,000 young developers in 2017, working as full-time software or mobile application developer.


3. Convertible Culture

Regarding national culture, Vietnam has a good combination of traditional Asian culture and Western culture. To be compared with India or China, Vietnam is more comfortable to live. You might notice that there is a western town (Bui Vien Street), China town (Nguyen Trai street), Korea town and many types of restaurant, bar and club in Ho Chi Minh city. Otherwise, Vietnamese programming environment is very outstanding, people are hard working, diligent and a little more creative and extrovert (consultative) than other Asian locations in terms of Programming Culture.


4. Safety

“There are no safety warnings from the US government and we felt completely safe in HCMC and traveling around in nearby areas. The only warning we were given multiple times was to watch out for our cell phones – Andy Hilliard, Prez of Accelerance”


5. Cost Effective

At first, the average cost for Offshore Development Company in Vietnam is pretty cheaper compared with other locations and neighbor countries, such as India, Thailand, and China. In china, staff’s salary is double to Vietnam and contrast to US, Canada or Australia, the hour labor cost in Vietnam is much cheaper. US developer cost ten times higher while 1 hour of Vietnamese developer cost just about 12$ – 18$,.


6. Highly Skilled Work Force

Moreover, they access to a highly skilled workforce, especially in Software Development. What is more, to adapt global economy, there is an increasing number of Vietnam offshore development start-up companies and SMEs everyday, they’re founded and leaded by experienced senior developers, which boosts a plentiful source adapted to any kind of customer, even that is a local studio or big4.


7. English

Besides, a sincere push for education from the Government and Family keep being heavier in 2017 because it is believed that English opens a door to success, there’s no worries about language to work with Software Development Company in Vietnam. Furthermore, English is adopted by the kids as their first language and consequently Western culture as their dominant culture. Even the kids who can’t afford studying abroad can learn it well in Vietnam, English schools/centers are at every corner.

However, you should consider 2 main disadvantages below before you decide to choose an offshore development company in Vietnam: