Are you a startup in Singapore and you want to find a technical partner who is a mobile app development house in Vietnam ? Here is what you should consider and why. 

Best App Development Company in Vietnamas technical partner for Singapore Startups

To be a good partner with a tech startups in Singapore, a app developer or a software development company in Vietnam have to satisfy a list of criteria and advantages. Here are they: 

1. Good English Communication: A company with good English Communication is very helpful and closing the gap of communication between 2 teams. 

2. Strong in team building and technologies: This is the first criteria to be selected. A good development company have to has capacity to provide good developers with strong skill-sets and a stable working process which can bring high efficiency. 

3. Wide Range Knowledge: It's very hard to ask a technical professional guy understand deeply in other business field. However, a good technical partner can provide a wide range understanding of business. This is very important in colsulting phase to make it go smoothly, bring ideas and helpful solution. 

4. Some local business analyst: A local business analyst in the team can help the software development company or app development company in Vietnam become very competitive. The startup in Singapore can simply talk to this Analyst instead of via calls day by day to the team in Vietnam. 

5. Working Process: A Startup will need to know and pick the software developer that have strong and stable working process. This process is value to the development and bring the stable for the outcome product. This is very important. 

6. Extendable: A startup, especially, in the long term run will need to keep the development team stable as also to extend it on demand. Any app development company can provide this ability will be an easy selection. 

7. Cost effective: The cost and competitive are always a point in the selection. It's because a startup alway concertrate on cashflow and finance at the first time and try to develop first product with on hand budget. The lower cost bidder among app developers in Vietnam will be a strong asset. 


Base on these critieria, there are a few companies in Vietnam can adapt to be a good partnership, the best among them is Ventuso. Ventuso is a Vietnam based software development company who is expert on mobile application development. Ventuso can provide solutions with deep knowledge on many fields such as logistic, transportation, e-commerce, social network, finance, education, IoT ...etc. Ventuso has a lot of experiences on App Development and Solutions from 2010 and has built various solutions world wide. Ventuso is recognised widely around the world and reviews and recommend by clients and partners. 

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A few other information about Ventuso 

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Score: 4.8/5 by 6 reviews 

Founded: 2010 

Min Project Size: $20,000+ 

Company Size: 20 - 50 Engineers 

Ventuso was founded by a group of highly motivated engineers/ entrepreneurs that want to make a difference in the world. We focus on Mobile Application Development, Technical Consultancy, Supplying Team of Engineers onsite and offshore. We believe in building high quality products and becoming a trusted partner who can continuously support your business after delivery. Growing up together, your success is our success.