One of the advantage of this model is to help Start-Up company estimate and prepare the budget for their baby product. 

When you grow a Start-up company, two of the key factors that effect directly to your business is always your digital platform and your financial statement. Therefore, finding some good developer to have high quality development with cost effective is one of the most important mission. 

There are two basic models of software development that are popular on the world today: Project Base Model and ODC (Offshore Development Center) Model. 

Project Base Model is simply a developing model where you pay an amount of money for your first product in a clear defined scope. This is a good model with tight budget; however, it's always a risk after delivery if you need to change or maintain your system urgently for business development. This demand is always present for any start-up. 

Therefore, the second model could help solve the issue. ODC model basically tie on a long-term contract with the software development company. This contract can be annual or longer term. The ODC model starts with analysis and recruitment phase. Start-up company has to be clear on how much your product needs to be developed and how you expect to have maintenance team after delivery. The software development company will analyze your needs and come back with a list of engineers you may need in development. The brilliant idea is that you could use a mix team of Junior and Senior software developers, which is a good solution to reduce the cost. 

One of the advantage of this model is also to help Start-Up company estimate and prepare the budget for their baby product. You will know exactly how much you should pay for the team every year and in the next 3 years. Comparing to the way you can start recruiting engineers by yourself, the ODC model can give you good management flow and development process which are valuable from long history of a software development company. This is a key factor to think of because it surely can generate higher quality software with higher effectiveness of the development team. 

After recruitment of the whole team and put them into action, the development company can also help you track the effeciency of the team and point out issues when you are in the middle of development. 

A good and high standard software development company can also give start-up an option to add on resources in the middle of the year for a few months only to catch up a development dateline.  

By Bao Nguyen - Director at Ventuso LLC