For mobile application development, a start-up does not really need to build an in-house team to handle. Instead, outsourcing will bring advantage to their business with more time to focus on their important business matters in early stage of business development. I mean they’d better concentrate on operation and development of business, it makes sense to keep the company stand firmly over the difficult time of start-up.


In fact, Best choice in software development outsourcing market with high product quality, good integration into international productivity tools, and clearly effective cost is easily seen Vietnam.


Vietnam's labor cost is totally lower than most of other companies.

Labor Force

As you may know workforce in IT outsourcing countries is almost adequately lower than in the USA or Western Europe. Meanwhile Vietnam's labor force has a 96% literacy rate and high scientific and technological knowledge.

Education level in Computing Sciences is of word-class quality so you can access a pool of talented programmers for the specific project.

Socio-Economic and Economic Stability

Vietnam has very high GDP growth, with significant foreign investment and membership in the World Trade Organization.

Ethnic/Religious Stability

There are no ethnic/religious conflicts in Vietnam.

Economic Stability

Vietnam is a developing economy country in the Southeast Asia. So far, it has been rising and become a leading agricultural exporter and an foreign investment attracting destination. Vietnam has main products such as: rice, cashew nuts, black pepper, coffee, tea, fishery products and rubber. Manufacturing, IT and high-tech industries contribute a fast growing pace of the economy. Also, Vietnam is known as one of the largest oil producers in the area.

As estimated by Trading Economics global macro models and analysts, by the end of this quarter, Vietnam GDP Growth Rate will be 5.9 %. Hopefully, GDP Growth Rate in Vietnam will stand at 6.8 % in 1 year. The Vietnam GDP Growth Rate is expected to stand 6.3 % in 2020.



Political Stability

Vietnam's government has been exesting for more than 30 years and no conflicts with neighboring countries involve for almost that time.

Business Environment

Vietnam's laws and public policies appeal business and foreign investment and  intellectual property rights are protected and enforced continuously.


Most college graduates in Vietnam are fluent in English which is considered the second-most popular language here, because the Latin alphabet is used in Vietnamese.

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