Release date: Oct 01, 2014

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  • An entirely new social experience built around guest Wi-Fi. Networks are transformed into shared experiences, allowing Fi users to interact in the Here & Now.
  • Streaming content freely anywhere in the city by connecting to free Wi-Fi wherever you go. Fi even displays how much Wi-Fi data you use to encourage healthy data habits. So you can finally be free from costly data plans.
  • Being rewarded with exclusive deals and content.
  • Interaction and sharing with other Fi Users on the network.



  • Fi gives a personality to the Wi-Fi networks around you.
  • Quickly check the pulse of a new area or see what's happening at your current one.
  • Interacting directly with others on the network. No phone numbers. No email.
  • Get free mobile data and exclusive rewards from the places you love.
  • No more asking for passwords, Fi automatically connects you to participating Wi-Fi networks.
  • Network-based games and applets to browse photos, download files, and interact with the world around you.
  • Use your smartphone, not your costly carrier data plan.

Languages: Objective-C, Android, Nodejs, Mysql, Elasticsearch, AngularJs, Socket IO.